Morillas Sans (Monotype, 2020)

Bespoke type family for Morillas for a (r)evolutionary identity.

Italic by Emilios Theofanous.

Listen to interview on Morillas Sans @ SoundCloud.

FS Rosa (Monotype, 2020)

A free-spirited and optimistic serif typeface.

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MotoGP Display & Text (Monotype, 2020)

Bespoke type family for MotoGP with a vibrant and charismatic identity.

Read MotoGP case-study @ Monotype.

FS Renaissance (Monotype, 2020)

A flourishing display stencil based on a Craig Black’s lettering.

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Bunbury (Monotype, 2020)

A capitals display font packed with hand-drawn quirks.

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Amsteldok (Fontsmith, 2019)

Bespoke Variable Font logo reacting to motion-capture software.

– Project direction: VBAT Amsterdam.

– Concept and design: Pedro Arilla.

– Software development: Carlos Sánchez.

Read Amsteldok case-study @ Fontsmith.

FS Neruda (Fontsmith, 2018)

A smart, sharp and classical type that references the very best literary typeface traditions.

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FS Charity (Fontsmith, 2018)

A true Tuscan letterform from the broken glory of ceramic tile.

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FS Berwick (Fontsmith, 2018)

A broad‐shouldered Egyptian serif typeface.

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FS Cattle (Fontsmith, 2018)

A wide, but not overly extended, Grotesque‐style Sans Serif.

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Zacapa (Fontsmith, 2017)

Bespoke typeface for Zacapa Rum with a boldness and antique flavour.

Read Zacapa typeface case-study @ Fontsmith.

FS Brabo Pro (Fontsmith, 2017)

Design of Cyrillic and Greek scripts.

– Project direction: Fernando Mello.

– Cyrillic direction: Krista Radoeva.

FS Brabo designed by Fernando Mello (Fontsmith, 2015).

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Rock & Roll (Pedro Arilla, 2017)

A multi-script type system for digital publications.

– Rock (Serif: Latin, Greek and Cyrillic)

– Roll (Sans: Latin, Arabic and Japanese)

Not on sale (yet).

Go to Rock & Roll web page.

Mestre (Pedro Arilla, 2016)

A rational & humanist sans-serif w/ 16 fonts.

Full family: pay what you want — minimum €10.

Go to Mestre web page.

Valentina (Pedro Arilla, 2012)

An antique Spanish didone.

Font: pay what you want — minimum €1.

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