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About the digital type foundry

Independent digital type foundry established in Zaragoza in 2012. Type design, production and distribution, custom fonts and letterings.

Research and divulgation in the typographic culture; product design with letterforms [shop]; and letterpress with metal and wood types [print-shop soon].

About the man

Pedro Arilla (Ejea de los Caballeros, 1984). Graphic designer focused in type design. My fonts can be bought at the independent digital foundry I have received a BA Degree in Graphic Design at Escuela Superior de Diseño de Aragón, author and podcaster of the blog & podcast devoted to typography Don Serifa, member of ATypI (Association Typographique Internationale), Unos tipos duros and Lletraferits, organizer of Glíglifo, divulgator about typography with workshops, lectures and articles in blogs and magazines, podcaster about graphic design in Perdiendo las formas and CEO of Detalier estudio creativo.


  • Valentina
  • Finalista en los Premios Josep Albert Mestre.
  • Most appreciated projects of 2012 en Behance.
    100 Greatest Free Fonts Collection for 2012 en Awwwards.


  • Cada letra cuenta una historia (Valencia, 2014).
  • Homenaje a Rubén Fontana (Valencia, 2014).
  • Jornadas ESDA (Zaragoza, 2014).
  • Ampersand (Brighton, UK, 2013).


  • Congreso Internacional de Tipografía (Valencia, 2014).
  • II Jornadas Tipográficas (Granada, 2014) [Slideshare].
  • Typo_Mad (Madrid, 2013) [Slideshare].
  • Entretipos (Barcelona, 2013) [Slideshare].
  • Ibercaja Zentrum (Zaragoza, 2013).
  • IES Pilar Lorengar (Zaragoza, 2013) [Slideshare].
  • Sevilla Design Walk (Sevilla, 2012) [Slideshare].
  • Escuela de arte de Huesca (Huesca, 2012).


  • I Glíglifo (Sos del Rey Católico, 2014).
  • Glyphs (Zaragoza, 2014).
  • Tipografía (Zaragoza, 2013).
  • Glyphs (Barcelona, 2013).
  • Diseño editorial (Huesca, 2012).