Hi! I am Pedro Arilla,
a type designer & typographer
from Spain based in Reading (UK).

Tipotecture is my digital typefoundry where I sell my fonts and do consultancy about typography. I am also Content Manager at Fontown. I write and podcast about typography on Don Serifa, write in the typography section of the design magazine Gràffica, and I am a member of Unos Tipos Duros and Lletraferits. I am also an organiser and teacher at the course about type design Glíglifo, give workshops and lectures, write articles in blogs and magazines, and teach online training at video2brain/LinkedIn Learning and Domestika.

I am currently attending the Master of Arts in Typeface Design at the University of Reading, United Kingdom. I am writing a diary about my experience there—in Spanish, sorry.

To do this more friendly, maybe we need a bit of personal & non-typographical background. Here I go… I am from Ejea de los Caballeros, a small village of the Northeastern Spain. I was born in 1984 and that means that I am a millennial. Sad but true. In fact, I was born in the same day that Steve Jobs introduced the first Macintosh computer. Anyway, I have been reading and writing for as long as I can remember. I designed fanzines with a photocopier, and coded webs when I was a teenager. Later, I founded an online magazine about rock & metal music called Metal Thunder, and the apex of that adventure was the organisation of a music festival when I was twenty-one years old. Also, I embraced the new blog wave and the result was that a publisher decided to include in 2007 one of my posts from my humour blog Diario de un demente in a book which compiled the best Spanish blogs. Likewise, in that year I started to write the first online serial novel in Spanish but I never finished it; I still have La ciudad vertical in a drawer waiting for a proper revision.

At the same time of those and much more projects, I studied a BE Degree in Computer Engineering and I gave up it after passing the three first courses. After that, I received a BA Degree in Graphic Design. In addition, I have worked as a carpenter, barman, computer seller, coder, newspaper designer, text editor, typographer, and type designer. Afterwards, I founded my own graphic design studio and I spent four years with my partner and my colleagues driving my destiny. In 2016, I left everything to chase my dream.

When I want to disconnect, I listen to jazz and read poetry. Or I cook. Both methods work, trust me!






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